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Industrial manipulators and industrial grippers
Lifting aids directly from the system supplier in B2B

Everything for efficient production with slewing cranes!
Slewing cranes from STRÖDTER • How to lift your components ergonomically!
Slewing crane without lifting equipment or with » electric chain hoist, ZYBA-MAT or PICO-MAT
Benefit from the aluminum boom combination
» can be swiveled easily and without effort
» absolutely smooth running carriage

and the steel column
» stable and durable

Discover the ease of progress with our innovative slewing cranes from
with ROLLYX aluminum smooth-running rails. Find out why our lightweight slewing cranes come with a specially developed Smooth-running aluminum rail and an electric chain hoist are the ideal solution for your requirements.

Lightweight and powerful:
Our slewing cranes combine the robustness of steel with the weight advantage of aluminum. The result? A light one Crane that still delivers impressive performance.
The smooth-running aluminum rail ensures smooth movements, while the electric chain hoist lifts loads precisely and powerfully. Work more efficiently and faster − without compromises when it comes to stability.

Flexibility in motion:
Discover our articulated slewing cranes, which can be moved effortlessly in any direction. These flexible cranes adapt to the requirements of your working environment and enable you to position precisely without restrictions.
Mobile and versatile:
Our slewing cranes with mobile base offer you maximum versatility. Easily move the crane from one place
on the other hand, without sacrificing stability. Ideal for changing workplaces and projects where mobility
is crucial.

Choose quality, lightness and precision. Discover why our slewing cranes are included Light running aluminum rail and Electric chain hoist are the smart choice for your lifting projects. Invest in the Future of your company − invest in the lightness of the aluminum slewing crane!
STRÖDTER articulated slewing crane with electric chain hoist

Photo: STRÖDTER articulated slewing crane

Mobile stand for STRÖDTER slewing cranes

Photo: mobile STRÖDTER stand

STRÖDTER swivel boom with electric chain hoist

Photo: STRÖDTER swivel boom with aluminum low-friction boom

Chain hoist - slewing crane-S1
Chain hoist - slewing crane-S2
Chain hoist - slewing crane-S3
Chain hoist - slewing crane-S4
Chain hoist - slewing crane-S5
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